We have two different programs including Reseller or Reseller 2 accounts. Additional hosting packages are then discounted 30% ( Reseller $29.95 mo.) or 40% ( Reseller2 $39.95 mo.). This will allow you to resell any of our packages at the applied discount. You charge your clients what ever price you want and we charge you the discounted price for additional sites. You will need to send an email to support to add domains at anytime and the sites will be created within 10 - 15 minutes giving each client their own system and control panel. We will be completely anonymous as the name servers are named a generically and do not use our name.
The reseller home account will given 5gb of space for your use which will allow you to create extra pages and/or use our pages in your website to advertise your hosting plans.

If you have a special need just email us and we will reply within 24 hours and discuss with you what that special need is.

There is also available a reseller account that is $199.00 monthly that gives you your own Web Host Manager to control all your accounts including your own setup for new domains, your customer control panels will display your logo, and more, unlimited domains. No limit on number of accounts. Includes upto 75gb of storage.  Call sales during daytime hours for more details.